Most circular suspended pavement system in the world.

UrbanRoots reconciles the needs of the city with the benefits of greenery. The underground concrete construction protects roots and guides trees to grow. Giving them space while leaving the surface and pavement intact. The result? Young trees grow up healthy. They beautify the surroundings, cool the city, bring people together. And thus live in perfect symbiosis with the paving and infrastructure above ground.

Where function meets design.  In collaboration with B-rain connect and Ebema Belgium



  • Modular design
  • 100% circular
  • Meets the highest traffic loads requirements
  • Available in every height



Pressure-relieving soil cell system that helps trees grow faster
- System prevents tree roots from destroying the pavement
- Meets the high requirements of the standardized traffic loads on bridges
(EN NBN EN 1991-2 2013 +AC 2010 Loads on structures)
- Made entirely of reinforced concrete
- Standard module dimensions: length 2 m, width 2 m, height 127 cm,
including cover plate. Customisation in size and heights are possible.
- Open tree pit : standard 160 circular. Possible size of open tree pit up to 320 cm, in square, circular, organic forms.
- Concrete walls enclose the entire soil volume inside the system and prevent settlement around the perimeter of the system, both open and completely closed walls are available.
- UrbanRoots Table: including 4 lifting anchors for placement
- The highest degree of circularity; A 100 % reusable system.


A modular construction made entirely of concrete. 100% circular products which can withstand the test of time. UrbanRoots offers protection to the roots on the one hand and to the pavement on the other. Trees are given plenty of room to develop an extensive root system in the system under a concrete deck.  The deck is strong enough to carry the heaviest traffic loads. As a result, the paving always remains intact. Rainwater can infiltrate and be captured in the soil within the system and be reused by the tree.


Modular design.

The UrbanRoots suspended pavement system is not a specific product, but an integral modular concept that you can adapt for optimal functionality per project and location.


Completely reusable.

The UrbanRoots system can be completely dismantled and moved. A subsequent tree in another location can again develop optimally into a mature healthy tree. This makes UrbanRoots the only 100% circular system in the world.


Meets the highest traffic loads requirements.

Complies with the standards for traffic loads on bridges (EN NBN EN 1991-2 2013 +AC 2010 Loads on structures).

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There are several reasons to use concrete Soil Cell. Although the cement industry is one of the main producers of carbon dioxide. The RootBox concrete soil cell systems is fully circular. Easy to dismantle without damaging the integrity of the system and reuse somewhere else in the same application.  And there for high on the ranking of sustainability. Depending on the priority given to each value with regard to sustainability, a concrete or a polymer Soil Cell is the more sustainable. Secondly, for all concrete structures there are standard norms with which the structural strengths can be calculated, which are described in various worldwide accepted standards. With polymer materials, these cannot be indicated by calculation methods, instead with polymer soil cell systems, practical tests are carried out to determine the strength.  To help all our customers, we have also developed a circular Soil Cell that consists entirely of concrete and does not require any polymers for proper application.
Soil cells are made so that they can be filled with any soil. This means that you can use any soil suitable for your project in the soil cells without any problems. Soil specifications are not only tailored to tree requirements, but also depend on project goals, climate zone, availability of groundwater, etc. But also other factors such as durability, availability, the presence or absence of an irrigation system can be taken into account in determining the best soil for your project. Please feel free to ask one of our soil specilist to assist you on this topic.
Unlike other amenities in our public spaces, trees increase in value as they grow and mature. A large tree returns to the community a multiple of its initial construction costs in the many benefits and savings lifelong thousands and thousands of dollars in benefits. But then the tree must be given the opportunity to grow big. It is therefore wise to first invest in the underground growth conditions of the tree.
Water can be diverted into the soil cell via various ways. E.g. via a street gully, via the open treepit. Important in this respect is that the soil does not remain saturated for too long. The standard is 48 hours which allows any tree species to survive. Of course, some tree species can survive much longer in saturated soil. For more information, please contact one of our specialists.
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