Alu end cap 90
Cast aluminium tree ventilation-, aeration opening

Air and water are essential for rooting areas below hard surfaces. The Alu enc cap is designed specifically for these reasons.

  • Easy maintance: Pull and turn
  • Heavy duty casting
  • Multipe tube connection diameters




Outside dimensions :
• Top 9cm ∅
• Height <10cm

Lid :
Function: gas exchange
• Maximum slot width 10 mm
• Lid can be opened for maintenance

Support anchors :
Function; anchoring the base, to prevent the product from being pushed
up or tilted.
• 11,5 x 11,5 cm

Tube connection :
• Between the notches suitable for tube 100 mm
• In the socket suitable for pipe 80 mm
• Sand-tight seal between end cap and pipe

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