About us

Our vision

We believe that trees play a key role in making and keeping our paved cities liveable. Providing the best soil condition in which the trees grow, resulting in a healthier tree with a longer life expectancy. 

How to achieve

Combining green blue and grey infrastructure.
People often neglect, trees mean so much to us and provide so many benefits, economical, social, enviromental, etc etc. Luckily more and more people and scientists are convinced that planting more trees will save our planet. And the city is the best place to plant those trees.

– Optimizing the underground soil conditions
In order to utilize resources more efficiently and achieve the maximum returns, it is necessary that the planted trees grow into mature trees. By optimizing the underground soil conditions in which the tree lives.

– Exploiting the potential of the tree to optimize stormwater management
We ought to try to exploid the most of all the benefits urban trees can offer us. An important function of the tree that is often overlooked is the regulation/restoration/filtering of the water cycle. Read more about urban trees and water. Click here or go directly to the solutions we can offer you.

Most extensive range of quality products on urban tree planting solutions

We offer you the most extensive range of quality products on urban tree planting solutions in the world. Products are mostly produced in our own factory in Germany. Or at one of our exclusive partner manufacturers.
Besides products we also offer you our knowledge about tree planting and water management. Ask our staff for a workshop online or at your office.