Vario Air Inlet
Facilitate the movement of air to the raft system

The Vario Tree Inlet is purposefully crafted for installation atop raft systems, comprising three components: a steel inlet seamlessly integrated into the pavement, a bottom plate facilitating connection to any raft system, and an adjustable-length extension tube positioned between the aforementioned parts. The tube’s length is adaptable to the thickness of the road buildup layer atop the raft system.



The Vario Air Inlet

Introducing our aeration inlet for raft systems, designed to enhance air movement into the tree rooting zone beneath pavement surfaces. This easy to integrate solution is crafted to promote optimal aeration, ensuring that the trees receive the vital oxygen they need for robust growth and health.

The steel aeration inlet serves as a strategic component in urban landscaping, facilitating the exchange of gases crucial for the well-being of trees located beneath paved surfaces. Its durable construction ensures longevity and resilience in various environmental conditions. By seamlessly integrating into pavement designs, this inlet efficiently promotes airflow to the raft system.

Invest in our Vario Air Inlet to elevate your urban landscape design, fostering an environment where trees thrive beneath pavement surfaces, receiving the essential air circulation they require for sustained growth and vitality.

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