RootGuide the first product to combine functionality with ease of use

A new production process enabling, the functionally required vertical and horizontal ribs to be produced on a roll. The 2.5D extrusion method.

  • Vertical continuous ribs
  • Horizontal root/ground lock tabs
  • Wall thickness 1 mm , 2 mm
  • Length 30 m
  • Installation depth 30-45-60-75-90-105-120cm


Where design meets functionality


Root Guiding ribs :
Function; guide roots deeper into the ground to ensure tree stability and
protect other underground infrastructure.
• Vertical over the entire height
• Continuous from top to bottom
• At least 1 cm high
• Perpendicular to the wall
• Rib spacing 15 cm apart

Anti-lift ground lock tabs :
Function; preventing panel being pushed up.
• Horizontally oriented
• Perpendicular to the wall
• Surface area per anchor >4 cm2
• Minimum 40 anchors per m2 barrier

Wall thickness :
Function ; preventing root penetration.
• 1 mm
• 2 mm

Heights :
• Standard built in heights 30 - 45 - 60- 75 - 90 - 105 - 120 cm,
• Other heights on request

1 mm is already enough to stop tree roots (as opposed to rhizomes) from penetrating the screen. See blog for more info regarding this topic.
A double edge top is only necessary if it is expected that a root growing over the screen can continue to grow. For example, if there is a hard surface, there is nil chance that this root will survive.
If the vertical ribs are interrupted, the root will grow horizontally again at the interruption and circle along the screen until the next vertical rib. This will negatively affect the stability of the tree.
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