AW inlet 110X80x100
Only 1 inlet for both Air and Water

Everybody knows tree roots do need water, therefor we need an opening to let water flow inside the rooting area below pavement. Beside water, air Oxygen is playing an important role for trees to survive underneath pavement. Aeration is key to microbial processes on which trees depend and benefit from. More air at deeper levels means deeper roots and less pavement lifting.

But why use 2 different inlets, one for water and one for air? The AW inlet system provides simultaneous tree irrigation and -aeration from only one opening. Thanks to a design of the inlet, water first runs into the top, a perforated tube, and does not go down into the ventilation duct. The inlet also acts like an overflow when too much water flushes in.


  • only one inlet ; simultaneous water / air supply
  • easy and fast installation
  • integrated filter against contamination
  • eliminates mistakes when manual irrigating the trees



Water flow rate: 9 m3 per uur
(Amount of water that flows out on the side.)

Connection options:
- Top : 110 mm
- Side : 80 mm click sleeve
- Bottom : 100 mm corrugated pipe

Leave filter: (Prevents system pollution)
Type : removable
Thickness : 15mm

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