Suspended bike path over existing rootstructure

The Netherlands can rightly be called a bicycle-friendly country. Our country has many, mostly separate, safe cycle paths. Besides their safe positioning, many of these cycle paths are also nicely shaded by the many street trees. And with the combination of pavement and trees comes the problem of high periodic maintenance costs. Tree roots push up the cycle path, which can create dangerous situations. Urbanlane has a solution for this. This cycle path appears to float above the roots without touching them. This guarantees the comfort of the cycle path.



• Safe, seamless and comfortable for cyclists
• The solution to pavement damage caused by root growth
• Preservation of trees
• Resistant to shrinkage and expansion
• Underground utility lines remain accessible
• Long lifespan and maintenance-friendly


UrbanLane is a modular system in precast concrete with a multiple coupling system. Together with the “floating” design, this prevents damage to the road surface by root growth. And thermal expansion/contraction and subsidence are permanently prevented. The cycle path elements can be easily assembled, making the cycle path ready for use immediately after processing.
UrbanLane represents an integral solution in precast concrete cycle tracks, from project analysis to realisation. The system is designed to spare trees and utilities without compromising cycling comfort

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