Urban tree planting solution

Urban tree planting solution

Info on all different solutions for growing tree roots underneath roads

Urban tree planting system has 2 main purposes:

·       to allow trees to root under pavement

·       while ensuring stability for the pavement.

Too often, trees are planted in cramped planting pits and poor subsoil, resulting in retarded growth, with roots tending to colonize the area immediately underneath paved surfaces, leading to structural pavement damage.


We offer a range of effective urban tree planting systems which addresses all issues concerning the planting of trees in the urban environment in various ways. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. Choose the best solution, depending on your project goals, budgets, priorities, regulations and local conditions. 

Urban tree planting solution | HTW Treerootsystems
Soil cell system
Urban tree planting solution | HTW Treerootsystems
Raft system
Urban tree planting solution | HTW Treerootsystems
Structural soil
Urban tree planting solution | HTW Treerootsystems
Root protection bridge
Urban tree planting solution | HTW Treerootsystems

Urban tree planting solutions, we offer a complete line-up from A to Z


Our team within the HTW group has a broad experience in all types of urban tree planting solutions. From structural soil to engineered structures, such as soil cells and root protection bridges. Take a look at our extensive range of products. Or if you want to find out more regarding the main differences between all different approaches. If you need assistance please contact one of our specialists. 

Urban tree planting solution | HTW Treerootsystems

Calculating the soil volume for your tree.  


Calculating the required soil volume per tree is not straightforward. Various parameters are needed to quantify the soil volume. Of course, there are several rules of thumb commonly used to calculate the minimum volume required per tree. Please use these when preparing potential plans as well. But we recommend, once local conditions are known and the first preliminary sketches are ready, to recalculate the calculation more specifically adapted to your requirements and ambitions. Use the TRS soil volume calculator for this purpose. 

your goals regarding blue and green infrastructure.


Trees are
typically not considered part of either grey or green stormwater management
systems; they are generally, and falsely, considered to be of landscaping
value. Planting a tree just for landscaping is not taking advantage of the
stormwater benefits and other environmental services the trees provides.
Installing trees in locations that are engineered to retain stormwater is a
great way to complement existing stormwater management systems, increasing
their capacity and improving water quality while greatly improving urban forest

Read more in our blog “6 reasons why to integrate stormwater management in RootBox design Or contact  our team of green experts at HTW treerootsystem and our stormwater engineers at our sister company HTW infiltration techniques . They will be pleased to guide you through all phases of your project. Combining green and blue in the most beneficial way.